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Philosophisch-ethische Rezensionen
(Erscheinungsdatum der rezensierten Bücher: 20. und 21. Jahrhundert)

Juri Viehoff, Introduce a European Memory day

V iehoff suggests to launch a European Memory day on 9 May. It already is, but only few knew it. Now all should have an official holiday on this day in order to commemorate and celebrate European peace and integration. It's about to promote a common political identity amongst all the citizens of Europe, to overcome violent nationalism and to celebrate the success of European integration and its vision of peace, democracy and cooperation. He claims events of transnational celebration, common commemorative symbols and practices which recalls the horrible decent of Europe into totalitarism and war, and stress the peaceful rebuilding of the Continent after 1945 as a collective achievement.

Jürgen Czogalla, 09.06.2019